Friday, October 3, 2014

Lost someone?

I was overcome with emotion. Sadness, also anger, and I was certainly very confused.
"Sorry to learn that you lost your father", well-wishers condoled me.

Lost your father?
What could those words really mean?

What does it mean to lose someone?
How could my father be lost to me?
There he had lain before me, his eyes staring into space and his body a little cold.
If his body lay there before me then what had I lost?
Oh! Did they mean, I had lost his soul?
But his soul, it did not belong to me, so how could I lose it?

Just because he was my father, had I some right on his soul?
Assuming I had a right, where should I go looking for my father's soul, to reclaim it?

We hear much, but understand little.
"I are not a human on a spiritual journey but a spirit on a human journey".

I now realised that my father and I, we were just travellers who met on this short journey called life. We met and travelled together for a brief while, only to be separated a little later.

What had I lost or what had I gained? What could I give and what could I take? Everything is temporary. These possessions, these relations and even this body, none of it is mine. Who knows what was there before this moment, and what tomorrow will bring?

Worry never robs tomorrow, of its sorrow, it just saps today, of its beauty and strength. We all have only this moment, that is why it is probably called 'the present'.

Therefore I will continue to seek meaning in my existence. I choose to be loving, and true, to spread joy and be useful. As Guru Nanak ji spoke; When death will come calling, then all these relationships and possessions will mean nothing to the soul. So meditate on the one eternal truth, the Creator. Who knows if this breath we inhale could be our last?


  1. In biology the dictum is, a cell arrives from a previously existing cell. The substance, matter, or material that is called protoplasm/cytoplasm/cytosol, the stuff with which the human body is made is imperishable, immutable, immortal, and indestructible. Life has existed on Earth for millions of years, and man is simply a recent arrival. The substance has remained unchanging while the forms and appearances have been changing. This Unchanging Principle that is not influenced by Time, I would call it Spirit and Soul. When the human form that is recognized as Father is not known from direct sensory experience, it still survives in the memory of other living persons and it survives in the memory of the Creator who generated the form.If the Laws of Physics and Chemistry describe the Fundamental Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy, in Biology, I speak about a Fundamental Law of Conservation according to which the Spirit or Soul that establishes the Individuality of any given Individual is always conserved.

  2. Rebbapragada ji,

    Spoken like a true scientist.
    A little heavy explanation but I got it.
    Can we really say that the spirit or soul is material? I believe not.